Spider-Man: Homecoming Director Jon Watts news

Here we go again with the hype surrounding the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” movie news that director Jon Watts has not signed on the direct the sequel of the movie since the film has gotten positive news from the audience and critics alike. Sound familiar?

The word from the entertainment websites is that Watts has not been signed to direct the sequel to the “Spider-Man Homecoming” movie yet. However Spider-Man/Peter Parker actor Tom Holland believes that Watts will return to direct the next Spider-Man Homecoming movie.

In the words of ESPN college football analyst and former college and professional coach Lee Corso “Not so fast my friend.”

Or in the famous slogan “Do not count your eggs before they hatch.” The sounds of a director of a super hero movie being up in the air also belongs to Patty Jenkins who has yet to be signed to direct the next “Wonder Woman” movie.

Holland has a weakness in his character that is starting to offend some humanoids that he cannot kept his mouth quiet about what happens behind the scenes of the super hero movies.

So far Watts is not telling anyone if he plans to return to direct Holland in the next Spider-Man movie since Marvel Studios likes to keep the ideas of their super hero movies quieter than a mouse.

But of course if the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” movie flops in the words of many New Orleans citizens who will say when a event has a longshot of happening like the New Orleans Pelicans basketball team winning the National Basketball Association Championship in the 2017-18 basketball season on talk radio “Sure and Popeye is a sissy.”


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  1. Tom has potential to be a great movie star if he learns how to promote movies without giving away too much information about the movie that he stars in. The reviews of the movie from one website said the complaint from older fans like myself is that one the characters does not like America due to her dark past of slavery and racism. Come on did I leave my native Panama with my relatives to start a new life in America to listen to such ingrates? Otherwise it looks good for younger kids.

  2. Nice news about Spiderman updates. Tom Holland is a very good actor. I have watched his film “The Impossible”, he was too young in that film. He is very good in drama. That movie was a true to life story, about a family who were separated by tsunami in Thailand, but were brought back together by fate and luck over circuumstances. He really made his part terribly remarkable. My mom cried when she watched it.

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