Blair Witch (2016 Movie) movie review

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Tonight, while working on my graphic novel, I turned on the TV and channel-surfed in the indie channel section to find something interesting. Blair Witch came on, but I thought it was the stupid original one, in which I sometimes watch it as a comedy to laugh at the scenes. I remember many people made fun of its stupid scenes, especially the famous scene where Heather turns on the flashlight and aims it upward toward her face as she confesses on her video camera.

Anyway, as I watched it, I thought the movie looked different, with different young adult actors as well as the scenes were a little different. But I thought this 2016 remake version is an improvement, compared to the original piece of shit version. So, I will review this Blair Witch 2016 movie by comparing it to the Blair Witch Project 1999.

The young actors seemed very natural in the movie. And, I even noticed more dialogue, which sounded like a natural dialogue, but not stupid like the first one.

I did notice some acting and suspense, while in the lame original version, I was thinking WTF the whole time, from the beginning to the end of the movie. The interesting acting was mostly in the struggling scenes, which was suspenseful as well as a little gory, like the scene where this one girl pulls out something from her bloody wound, and her hands were shaking the whole time, which made it believable.

The scenes are clearer, like when they entered that old house and they crawled through some dark dirt tunnel inside that old wooden house. But I noticed drama and mystery because of the light and dark contrasts in the photography used in the film. The artistic photography made the scenes appear more interesting, dramatic, mysterious, and suspenseful.

So, I feel that this version is more worth watching because of the suspense. I now consider the original lame version more of a comedy because it is so laughable.

But in the remake, the young guy goes to the forest with his friends to research what happened to his older sister Heather.  There is a larger group on this trip of about 6 or so people. Some scenes looked similar to the original Blair Witch Project of 1999, but 2016 remake, which is like a sequel, was better put together like a movie. The 1999 original version was so low budget that it looked like a kid put it together as a joke. I think my videos on youtube make better low budget films. There was still a mysterious ending in the 2016 version, but it was more interesting because there was actual acting of something going on, although the psycho Blair Witch was kept a mystery.


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