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Austin restaurant offers a free meal to law enforcement officers

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A restaurant in Austin Texas who is named “The Iron Works BBQ” on March 21, 2018 offered a free meal to law enforcement officials of the Austin Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) officers for their work in ending the crime spree of the infamous Austin Bomber who was 23 year old Mark Conditt who took his own life when the law enforcement officials were ready to arrest him in Round Rock Texas.

Conditt was wanted for the crime spree that began in early March when four people were wounded and two people lost their lives when package exploded in the Austin Texas area.

It is a common deal for many restaurants to offer discounted meals to law enforcement officers around America for the reason of saying “Thank you” for their service of guarding the citizens of their hometowns.

It is also good for many restaurants and businesses to use the giving principle to their clients so they can still stay around in business for many years to come.

I am sure that the good publicity that the Iron Works BBQ restaurant received in the Austin market will bring them many great years of customers attending their restaurant for many years to come.


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Written by Deepizzaguy

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  1. This is a great idea. This will raise the rating of the pizzeria, but also the police will be able to be closer to the people of the city. In my country, unfortunately, many of them are corrupt.

    • It is a great idea for businesses to give discounts to law enforcement officers and firefighrers as a way of saying “Thank you for your service.”

  2. Hmm… if that’s done here, the restaurant might need to be closed down for bribery.
    We have strict rules for gifts and “treats”. They have to be under a certain amount.

    • I know if I lived in the Austin area where the Austin Bomber was in that same area, I would thank the law enforcement officers for doing their duty to stop his crime spree as well.

      • I have a lot of friends in Austin, They were very scared. I would do the same for every officer. Sometimes you have to thank the people standing between you and danger!

        • Being blown to bits by a mad bomber is scary enough for everyone including me. The restaurant did the right deal by offering the police and first responders a free meal as a way of saying “Thank you.” to stop the Austin Bomber.

    • Police officers in the U S are not exactly paid the same wages as entertainers and sports stars either. They appreciate all of the breaks from business they can get.

    • When I worked at Domino’s Pizza in Metairie Louisiana, we would give 50% discounts on carry out sales to the Jefferson Parish and Orleans Parish police officers as a way of thanking them for their service.