Columbus Crew eyeing a move to Austin Texas in 2019

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It was bound to happen in the Major League Soccer sports world. Precourt Sports Ventures who are the owners of the Columbus Crew are considering moving the franchise to Austin Texas by the start of the 2019 Major League Soccer season.

The reason is that the current home of the Crew which is Mapfre Stadium which was completed in 1999 which seats 20,000 people is not huge enough for the Crew ownership to keep the franchise in Columbus Ohio.

In a case of other Major League Soccer franchises in America having stadiums that seat 30,000 or more fans, the Crew ownership is playing a game with the City Of Columbus to either build them a new stadium or else the franchise will move to Austin Texas.

The most likely scenario is that if the Crew will stay in Columbus Ohio, the taxpayers in Columbus will likely have to pay higher taxes to fund the building of a new stadium to keep their crew.

Time will tell if the Crew will stay in Columbus Ohio after the end of the 2018 Major League Soccer season or will be they break the hearts of their fan base and leave for Austin Texas.

If I were a Crew fan, I would say goodbye to the Crew since I will not be paying for a new stadium since the owners have enough money to build one themselves.


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