Aftermath of March 31st Full Moon Voodoo Day

Sunday, April 01, 2018

At 8 pm, Sunday night, I decided to watch the movie, Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus again because all the dark symbolism and surreal scenes in the movies looks like a Tim Burton film. The first time I saw this film was in the theater, and I didn’t quite understand what was going on. I just thought it was very dark and disturbing. I initially went to see this film because I have always liked carnivals, and I thought it would be a fun film. But after I watched the film, I ended up doing a lot of research to figure things out, especially because the media’s version of Ledger’s death didn’t make sense. I had a feeling there was more to the story. I wasn’t familiar with Heath’s acting skills. This movie was the first and last movie that I have watched of the actor Heath Ledger. So, I probably watched it in the theater for a reason.

I will now highlight some of the dark symbolism.

  1. The Hang Man or Hanged Man comes up many times throughout this film. Tony character (played by Heath) was seen hanging with a noose from a bridge but not yet dead in the beginning of the film. The carnival van saves him, and he stays with them because he convinces them that he can help them make more money. Tony (played by Colin Ferrell) also hangs from a noose but he is tricked into using the wrong metal tube, which is supposed to save his life and not really kill him. I believe that Heath was tricked into taking certain tainted drugs to kill him, which was supposed to be for his mental illness he had, but was tainted to permanently silence the actor. (There were also other stories about one of the Olsen twins involved in his murder in some way). Also, Doctor Parnassus (played by Christopher Plummer) was often playing with tarot cards, and the Hanged Man card always came up in this film. The Illuminati symbolism for Hang Man is traitor, and the Illuminati thought Heath was a traitor for exposing them in this film.
  2. Doctor Parnassus had sold himself to Satan for immortality. He was able to marry a young woman he fell in love with and she gave birth at 60. His daughter Valentina is turning 16 soon, which worries him because he will have to give her to Satan (played by Tom Waits) when she turns 16. Doctor Parnassus frets about this throughout the whole film, trying to figure out a way to reverse the deal he made with Satan. Also, he is always trying to keep her from growing up at 13 by strapping her breasts down so that that day doesn’t arrive. But she keeps telling him that it is no longer working because she is growing big into a woman’s body and she doesn’t want to pretend to be a 13 year old anymore as a part of the carnival act. She wants a normal life with a real family. This is also similar to so many child actors who have grown up and want out because they yearn for a normal life that they have given up for wealth and fame. That is why so many young actors end up with a mental breakdown, in which Valentina also goes through toward the end of the film. I also think Heath might have wanted to save his daughter’s life from eventually being pushed into the industry because his character does mention that the child of the person who makes a deal with Satan will be turned over to Satan when she turns a certain age; time will tell if Heath’s daughter will work in the movie or media industry. The Illuminati owns her soul, unless Heath reversed it before they killed him during the film. And the Zionist media is like a big carnival circus to entertain and distract viewers with all kinds of crap and subliminal mind control.
  3. I think the other Tony characters, played by Johnny Depp, Colin Ferrell and Jude Law, were the first Tony’s alter egos, as in MK-Ultra mind control, traumatic disorder, and Dissociative Identity Disorder.  Johnny Depp’s character looks into the mirror in the funhouse, and he wasn’t sure who he was, whether Roger or someone else. But they all had the same hairstyle and white suit as the first Tony played by Heath.
  4. The Tony characters had an Illuminati triangle on their forehead in red and the Jude Law’s character states that they are evil satanic men.
  5. After Heath Ledger was murdered, I remember Jack Nicholson stating that he had warned Heath not to do this film. But Heath didn’t listen to him and did the film anyway. (The clip might be on YouTube. Also, Randy Quaid was talking about his friends being murdered by the Illuminati, which includes Heath, Chris Penn, and David Carradine. This video is on YouTube).
  6. I also noticed the weird Illuminati masks that the Tonys wear.
  7. Also, Valentino, Princess Di, and James Dean were displayed in the movie, floating in a gondola through a canal of immortality because they will always be forever young. I know for sure that Princess Di was murdered with her Egyptian boyfriend because of her activism to help Palestine as well as other work she was involved in. I am sure the other two were murdered, as well, but I don’t know what they were involved with because they were both before my time.
  8. You can probably watch the movie on YouTube, or even Netflix, or buy the DVD.
  9. It is interesting that this movie came on the independent channel on Easter Sunday, which is also the aftermath of the March 31st Full Moon Voodoo Day.


What do you think?