Dark Side of Fashion Industry

While checking out some videos on YouTube, I noticed two videos about the dark side of fashion, where two models speak up about the fashion industry. I have seen this model in many runway videos. She has a big name in the industry. She wants to quit modeling to pursue an acting career.

The second video has a model that I am not familiar with, but she is a former model who was not comfortable with revealing too much in photo shoots. The model in the second video is now married and has a baby boy. She also found God and became a Christian.

Other models are afraid to speak up because they are desperate for modeling work and a paycheck. Modeling isn’t a long-term career anyway. It is usually a stepping stone toward an acting career or business career. And, while acting, some former models might even dabble in directing and writing. And, many celebrities will also write books about their life, exposing the good, the bad, and the ugly in the industry.

The third video isn’t about the fashion industry. It is about the movie industry, which really isn’t much different than the fashion industry because the media is controlled by the Illuminati, the dark force behind their puppets.


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