Celeb Psychic Channel Sharon Tate for 3rd Time

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Celebrity Psychic channels the late actress and cult member Sharon Tate, for the third time. But she mostly goes off talking about other old celebrities I have never heard of. I guess they are somehow connected to Sharon Tate’s story. The connection is in the same astrological sign, both used as a distraction for a Hollywood mogul to control his business decisions.

There is also a connection to the Black Dahlia, which was actually a boring movie with sucky actors, although I actually met the author of the Black Dahlia novel, James Ellroy, at a local book signing. James Ellroy was actually more entertaining to listen to than watching the movie based on his novel. I am sure the book is good, but I haven’t read it.

Magical ritual and hypnotic mind control to kill Sharon Tate. Charles Manson was under this mind control to do what he was doing while he was alive, which is why he was always acting weird when he was being interviewed as well as why the media always interviewed and promoted him while he was in prison until he died. The media him a crazy celebrity puppet.

Roman Polanski is a Luciferian.


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