Met Gala 2018 Ritualistic Party

The recent Met Gala 2018 looks creepy, like a satanic ritual. I wonder who they sacrificed? Was it AVICII? Someone mentioned it was a celebrity in fifties. Anyway, it is filled with Illuminati symbolism, satanic symbolism, and ancient Egyptian symbolism. I am not sure what Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing on her head. Jared Leto is wearing a gold crown. Madonna has long platinum pigtails in her old age. How old is she now, in her 60? She looks like Goldilocks or even a Swedish girl. I wonder if this can be connected to the recent sacrifice of AVICII.  I am not sure if it is her hair or extensions. Another woman has a gold halo over her head. It might have to do with the Greek god Apollo because the theme in Yoworld game right now is Greek gods and decorating a Greek home. It looks like a Halloween party or one of those Illuminati Party. George and Amal Clooney attended this party. Amal is standing between Rihanna and Anna Wintour.

In this second video about the Met Gala 2018 event, the theme was all about dressing in some kind of Catholic Jesuits theme, filled with gold, Egyptian symbolism, and masonic black and white. The ticket for this event costs around $30,000. What a rip off…is this worth it? It is like trick or treat for rich adults.

Check out these outfits…they are outrageous and crazy. I really don’t get it or whatever they are trying to be. Rihanna is dressed like a Catholic Jesuit Pope, covered up with diamonds. The gay promotion continues.


What do you think?


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