Symbolism Revealed Behind AVICII Sacrifice

Monday, April 23, 2018

I have become intrigued with these sudden mysterious deaths of many celebrities, especially the ones that I have some familiarity with their work. I remember that this AVICII made interesting videos but they were quite dark because of certain symbolism. So, I decided to watch more videos today on YouTube to see what other people came up with because many of these truthers get detailed and technical with decoding these symbols.

#1 What does AVICII mean?

AVICII means Lowest Level of Buddhist Hell. Interesting stage name, which alone is quite disturbing. When I first watched the music videos, I wondered what this name means. 

He was born on September 8, 1989, which is 9.8.89, and the numbers are inverted, kind of like Illuminati symbolism.

He died before he announced his retirement, similar to Michael Jackson, who was also sacrificed because he was considered worth more dead than alive.

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#2 ΛVICII Sacrificed to Saturn in a Thelemic Ritual

This video is interesting, and it makes sense to me, even though I am not good at decoding the numbers. But it basically explains that AVICII or Tim Bergling was Illuminati sacrificed to Satan, like many actors. Don't forget that he became rich and famous very fast, and he was only 28. And, in another video, he states that he had a problem dealing with fame, and he had too much money that he didn't know what to do with and he didn't want. So, he gave lots of money to charities, like feeding the hungry in Africa.

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  2. i know. i have seen this before, people recruit for Illuminati brotherhood on Facebook and Youtube. the youtube idiots, like that homely girl bethany mota, promote illuminati garbage to people their age and make a lot of money off it. i recently noticed that many of her followers stopped following her, and some of her followers are fake to make it look like she has lots of followers and is all bullshit to scam people…

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#3 DJ Avicii Funeral Video – Tim Bergling – Full Video

This video is in Swedish, and it is about Tim Bergling's Funeral, mostly carrying the casket and placing it inside the back of a hearse. I don't understand Swedish, but it is interesting just to watch the video. It looks like a Catholic funeral. 

I wonder who Dolores is?

#6 AVICII EXPOSED!! – Part 3

Exposing the dark Illuminati symbolism in Wake Me Up continues, but this video is Part 3. I couldn't find Part 2 on YouTube. Who knows what was on it? But this Part 3 is interesting, as well. 

#8 Last sighting of Avicii…just three days before death

Interesting that he was last scene, 3 days before his death, which is often used as Illuminati symbolism that this person is going to be sacrificed. And, he died in Muscat, Oman. 

Sacrifices are performed in 3s. Barbara Bush also died on the 20th, and I am not sure who is the 3rd one.


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