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This 12-Year Old Girl is Phenomenal. Wanna Know How? Watch This.

It’s already the 12th season of one of the world’s watched talent reality TV show franchise that gathers different talents all over America for the advertised top prize of 1 million dollar — the America’s Got Talent.

It seems like obvious that I’m a fan too of this show, since In behalf of Jogku, the chicken that plays piano, I featured again one of the best auditions in this season 12 of AGT. And I would like to share this story of success for a simple 12- year old girl who has a simple message to the televiewers out there —- to recognize ventriloquism.

Ventriloquism (also known as ventriloquy) is a stage act where a ventriloquist uses a puppet to be a subject of the crowd, whilst the ventriloquist speaks too lowly with his/her voice, to disguise audience that the puppet is the one who talks. The main objective of ventriloquism is to entertain the audience by speaking punchlines and spiels with himself/herself to his/her puppet. The ventriloquist talks both as the puppet and himself/herself.

Well, too much for that explanation, now back for this video that was I embedded from Youtube, this 12-year old girl from Oklahoma named Darci Lynne Farmer has became a show stopper for the season premiere of AGT. The audition was taped in California last March according to my reliable sources on the net. Her mom and dad, Misty and Clarke Farmer gave her the singing bunny which she named Petunia on her 10th birthday. She made her try out at Austin, Texas earning her the chance for a televised audition.

Although she was a bit shy on her audition, she has done it before. At the age of 11, she was on NBC’s Little Big Shots, a family-friendly variety show hosted by Steve Harvey and produced by him and Ellen DeGeneres.

She was also seen performing ventriloquism at Little Big Shots UK where Dawn French is the show host uploaded on Youtube video last May 3.

Now watch the video and see what comes next after she performed one of the cleanest and most superb ventriloquism act done by just a 12-year old girl, that made the panel of judges flabbergasted and even the audience cheered with a standing ovation.

Watch and enjoy her story of success!


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