12 Celebs Dying Similar Deaths

This video states that 12 different celebrities were killed by hitmen because they were exposing the truth, such as pedophile and child trafficking. All these people were strangled to death, but labelled suicide by “hanging from a doorknob.” Most or all were connected to Clintons in some way. Autopsy reports concluded that these people where somehow strangled to death.

What a strangulation trend, either these people are really nuts, which I doubt, or it is obvious that they were Illuminati sacrifice to shut them up.

I am not familiar with most of these 12 celebrities, except for Robin Williams, who was a household name. I am aware of AVICCII’s videos via YouTube videos, which are dark and disturbing, including the pedophile/child trafficking music video. I am familiar with Kate Spade from the malls and fashion magazines. And, I am aware of the rest via lots of research, which proves that the media stories about them don’t make sense because of messy hitman jobs.


What do you think?