Update on Bourdain Murder Case

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I woke up and did some basic internet work I needed to do. I stopped by YouTube and noticed another video about the Bourdain Murder case. The Internet/YouTube Investigation continues to expose lies and corruption in order to get at the truth, covered up by shady circumstances. This video analyzes the situation, and notes that Bourdain died in his France hotel room. The Zionist Media states that Eric Ripert found Bourdain hanging in hotel bathroom. And, then, the story changes again to the receptionist had found Bourdain’s dead body.

This is similar to previous celebrity deaths, in which the story to what and how as well as why and who keeps changing from different media outlets.

He states that it is obvious that Bourdain was strangled by hitmen in order to silence him because he was exposing many things, include Pizzagate. He even adds that Bourdain was likely to be strangled by the red bathrobe belt from the hotel bathroom, which is similar to the “red scarf” used on Kate Spade. And, later, Andy Spade was wearing the Rescuers mouse mask, which had a red scarf and matching red hat.


What do you think?