Exposing Truth, Illuminati and Mysterious Suicides Connection

This video is interesting because it lists the similarities in the deaths of Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, and Aviccii. All were promoted as alleged suicides, but you take a closer look into each case, you realize that there was something more to their deaths. Anthony hated Harvey Weinstein and Henry Kissinger, and he wanted to expose them. Aviccii was exposing human trafficking, which includes making a very dark and disturbing music video about exposing child trafficking. Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade had a connection to Hillary Clinton.

This video makes sense because it is obviously that all three were Illuminati sacrificed. They were all promoting masonic symbolism in their work while they were alive, and they made a lot of money in the process. As their careers went down—Aviccii retired from touring in 2016 because of health reasons, Bourdain wanted to expose certain people, and Spade was moving on with new projects, which includes working with Clintons, they all ended up dead, allegedly suicides, in weird ways, one was found dead in Oman, one was found hanging with a red scarf from a doorknob, and the other one was found dead soon after. I wonder who is next…because there is likely to be a celebrity death trail.


What do you think?