Bedknobs, DoorKnobs, Broomsticks, and Red Scarf…OH MY…

Sunday, 6.17.18

After eating my brunch, I decided to henna my hair. I suddenly glanced at the microwave time and noticed it was 1:11 pm. I decided to shower first, before doing the henna at 3:45 pm.  I wore old clothes that I always wear when I do henna so that I don’t worry if I stain it or mess it up. I used an old beach towel to wrap my head in a turban, after I covered my hair with gooey henna and wore a plastic shower cap. I turned on the computer to stay busy, browsing and checking on things. All of the sudden, I notice that time is 5:55 pm, but I want to keep the henna on my hair until I decide to go to sleep and rinse it off before bedtime. At 6:45 pm, I decided to make a cup of Butter Coffee with my Stovetop Moka and Magic Bullet.  Every year, I learn to make a different coffee drink via YouTube demos. I decided to also watch some old movies on the indie channels, such as Rear Window and Psycho, as well as other movies, such as Mrs. Doubtfire and Little Miss Sunshine.

This video lists many celebrities who have allegedly hanged themselves with a scarf and on a doorknob, which is an obvious recipe for Illuminati blood sacrifice of a celebrity. More and more YouTubers are coming out with different clues, and some clues I have actually noticed as well, but I wasn’t sure if it was a clue. I also noticed a clue that I don’t think I have seen anyone talk about on YouTube.

He also notes something that I thought about but I wasn’t sure, which is the mouse mask and yellow backpack that Andy Spade was wearing in the streets of NYC after his wife’s death. I thought that mouse face looked familiar from a kids’ cartoon, but I wasn’t sure which one because I haven’t really watch cartoons since the eighties. But something popped Rescuers in my head because of an ad I have seen somewhere, and as soon as he mentioned the mouse from Rescuers cartoon, I figured it must be a clue. The Rescuers mouse mask also has a red scarf. Weird celebrity behavior after an Illuminati Sacrifice murder always give some kinds of clues. Think about it: do most people you know suddenly decide to wear a Rescues mouse mask and walk around in the street after someone they know suddenly dies? And, it is not just this weird mask, but he is also wearing a bright yellow backpack with this mouse mask, like he is trying hard to get noticed for his weird behavior.

This “doorknob” hanging also reminds me of an old film, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, which keeps coming into my head, even though I keep ignoring it because it is an old movie and I don’t even remember the story. So, I google this movie. It is a 1971 Disney movie, and it has to do with “Magic Bedknob” and “How to become a Witch in 10 easy steps.” It also has to do with “Bonfires and Broomsticks.” These are all Illuminati clues: black magic, high priestess witches and warlocks, broomsticks, and bonfires for rituals. And, since it is a kids’ movies, it looks like they are trying to teach kids how to become witches in “ten easy steps” via Disney’s MK-Ultra’s mind control programming to brainwash kids to think this satanic stuff is fun and exciting. It is also labeled as a “musical fantasy film” about witchcraft, targeted toward children.


What do you think?