Long Road to Hell…

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

As I browse on YouTube, I stumble upon some music video by AVICCII. I actually like the songs, but the content is just too dark that it gives me a bad feeling. But as I listen to the music and read the lyrics on the video screen, I get a feeling that it sounds like his life.

  1. His stage name–AVICCII–means Lowest Level of Hell in Buddhism.
  2. “…kept his eyes closed…Well, everyone has a price,….it cost him…why is it so…”
  3. “You think you’re getting away. No escape from the deal you made…You walked right into his plan…Run as fast as you think you can back from wherever you came”
  4. “call the devil by any name..”
  5. “I don’t know if I’ll be coming home again….it’s a long road to hell without no soul.” (Yeah, they cannot escape or get out, after the sign the contract and commit to the deal they made with Satan).
  6. “Just when you think you’re getting away…no escape from the deal you made…walked right into his plan [with Satan]
  7. “Now who do blame? Should have listened to what I’d said…Cause you’re dead and it’s a hard road to hell without no soul.”
  8. I like the singer’s voice and the music has a good beat. But the lyrics sound like it is describing AVICCII’s career when he signed his name in blood with Satan, became rich and famous fast, retired from touring in 2016 because of health issues, which improved his health. He wanted to continue making music on his own because he loved making music. Since they weren’t able to make money off him anymore, he was more valuable dead than alive. And, they killed him off in Oman right before he was getting ready to release his newest album.
  9. He was also exposing the Pedophile ring and Child Trafficking in the industry.
  10. In the Levels video, there was the “elevator” Illuminati symbolism, which also showed up during the Prince Murder Mystery case.

Wow, this is really sad!


What do you think?


    • it is sad. he was young. i wasn’t even familiar with him because he was more famous in Europe. i heard of him mostly from two music videos on youtube. i think it was all a part of the industry.

    • I also noticed symbolism from this Imagine Dragon video. “Forever Young” seems to be a symbolism for Illuminati sacrificed, but this time it is a song. In the last Heath Ledger film that he was sacrificed because he was exposing Illuminati and their dirty deeds in Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, there was a surreal scene of “3” Illuminati sacrificed celebrities floating through a canal on gondolas–princess di, valentino, and james dean, where heath was exposing these werent natural. it was also noted in the movie that such celebrities will always be forever young.