Murder Of JonBenét Ramsey

I checked out this video about the murder case of JonBenet Ramsay again, even though it is old and I am really sick of it.This video lists weird suspects.

Don’t forgot Boulder, Colorado is filled with Illuminati freemasonry and satanism. Colorado is known for being dark and sinister. I have heard all kinds of stories going on in the Colorado area. Scientologist Weirdo Tom Cruise even has a house there, as well as many other celebrities.  Moreover, Mr. Ramsay was wealthy, which is an indication that he was involved with dark and powerful groups. It could have been blackmail, bribery, or something work related. Mrs. Ramsay competed in pageants. So, she had experience and connections in the industry before getting her daughter involved.

Since the recent Pedophilia stories have been exposed, I have a strong feeling it had to do with Pedophilia. Someone in their circle had sexually molested JonBenet, and all these listed suspects sound like cover-ups of the truth, mostly created as scenarios and stories for the idiot public watching the drama on TV. Don’t forget that everything on TV is bullshit show to promote a twisted side.  So, the parents most likely knew what was really going on, and they were a part of the cover-up. JonBenet was probably an Illuminati sacrifice, strangled after she was molested, just like what the Elite pedophiles are doing to many kids worldwide, including the Clintons Criminal Corruption Foundation. Many celebrities were strangled and murdered recently for trying to expose child trafficking, but all were covered up as so-called suicides. Ronald Bernard was also trying to expose pedophilia and Illuminati child sacrifice, after he refused to participate in such acts and he decided to start exposing the truth, which unfortunately lead to his murder. It is also interesting that JonBenet’s mother had died soon after with cancer, which sounds like a double Illuminati sacrifice, kind of like Whitney Houston and her daughter drowning in a bathtub at different times, which is Illuminati symbolism for portal door to other side.


What do you think?


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  1. I followed this story ..Everything is very complicated ..some evidence suggests that her brother committed murder.and the family wants to hide it .ne znam da li ima jos necega .. .the investigation did not find anything convincing.

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