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Water Storage and water conservation for us all.

We must store and Use as much rainwater as we can, Why pay big money for water when it’s free.  My condo charges 150 to 250 baht per month for water, And we only use very little.

best way is to collect your own and store  you can use the water for washing clothes or garden Use.

We have so many things going on in our farm for water  collection and water delivery.

Here is some photos you can share with friends.

Water Storage Above ground

Water storage Units must have lids to keep out Bugs and Mosquitos


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  1. It is so easy to do. I set up 55 gallon barrels, piggy backed to each other so when one would fill it would lead to the next and fill it. If we got a really big storm the run off would go into a garden. Be careful, in some states in the USA there are restrictions and laws regulating collection. A few states it is illegal still to collect rainwater.

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