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Showcasing my second (or rather first) passion

As some of you might know, under the pseudonym History Gal I write mostly historical posts and articles. History is and always has been one of my favorite school and life subjects. But I do have an equal passion, that is crafts. But, mind you it is not scrapbooking or decoration or pottery or painting and drawing etc. It is anything to do with my hands with needles and threads. That is whether it be knitting needles and wool, or crochet hook with wool or cotton, or a shuttle and cotton or simply a needle and thread for embroidery and whatever else. I will be showcasing some of my finished and unfinished project. So get ready to scroll down to peruse the photos of my various projects.

Snow flake afghan

This afghan was done with a tunisian or afghan stitch which uses a very long crochet hook (almost like a knitting needle) which then was crossed-stitched over to form snowflakes like drawings.

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Granny squares afghan

This afghan which I crocheted for my ex mother-in-law is formed with different stitches in the colored sections and the same type of stitch in the white section. All the squares were eventually put together to form the afghan. My ex mother-in-law simply loves it and uses it every day in the winter. 

    • Yes, the colored pieces had several different stitches. As for the color, it is not actually the color in the picture. It is more of a pink color. My cell camera or the lighting that day must have been on the blink…


Tatted curtain border

This skill I learned about a year ago and I am enjoying it tremendously. I like it so much that I intend to make a full sized window curtain with different tatted patterns that I can find on the internet or maybe make some patterns myself. It is done with a size 30 cotton thread (which is not the finest cotton but still fine enough) and a tatting shuttle (the red shuttle on the left hand side of the tatted piece. 

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Nordic style sweater

This sweater was very easy to do as it is knitted in the round till I reached the underarms. Then I did both sleeves again in the round and eventually put all the stitches on the same round needle and finished the upper portion with the different color pattern. It took me about two weeks to do. 

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    • Yes Vidocka, I have patience for my crafts and pets but no patience for anything else… Thank you for visiting, commenting, complimenting and up voting. I sincerely appreciate it.

    • Thank you very much for visiting, commenting and also up voting. I appreciate it. I have to say that I do not really consider this as a talent but rather as an example of patience and of following patterns and directions.

    • Thank you for all of your nice comments. I cannot seem to answer all of them individually on my cell phone. Thank you also for your up-vote. I will make sure to check your work too.

  1. Great works, my friend. My sister in law has the same passion as you, while my oldest sister likes to make hang tapestry for wall decoration and lately more to make handbag with jute for she got many orders.

  2. Thank you Tasartcraft but it does not rival your designs idea and execution as I just follow pattern instructions. Still a big thank you for your nice words and support.

    • As I responded to somebody else, I do not think of these crafts as talent but more a work in patience and of nimble fingers. But thank you for the comment. I appreciate it.

    • Personally I do not consider it a talent except for the fact that I execute all these different stitches and knots etc. with a very patient and steady hand. I just love to go about all my different crafting projects as they keep me busy and keep my fingers going rather than smoking (yes I am a smoker, sorry about that).

    • Thank you very much Robin for reading and commenting. The pieces done in wool with either knitting needle or crochet do take some time and effort but are rather easy to do. The tatting, on the other hand is very long to do. One square takes me about 2-3 hours to do and assemble because it is rather fine work and basically a lace type work. But I enjoy it so much that I am looking forward to the time that I will be sitting down and tat.