Pool noodle inventions

Hello There Readers, I have something that just might PEAK your interest to come up with somethingyou never thought about till now, did you know there’s ALL kinds of things you could do with poolnoddles, things you never thought could be done with them besides just using them at the pool forthe kids, once you watch the short Video you’ll be surprised at what all you can do with them ?

I was surprised at what I saw on this Video that really are some great Ideas that can be used fora lot of things, pool noddles aren’t that expensive to buy on amazon or your ? store somewhere they come in all kinds of colors, their Light weight, their fun for the kids to play with, easy to work with, they come in ¬†different sizes as well so you can do a lot of things with them as you will see.

Thank you for stopping by & I hope this will inspire you to think out side the box & be creative.



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