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My Learning Process in Virily

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Hello Everyone, I am a total newbie to this site and hopefully I can gain more friends and followers. I have been through lots of paid social media sites before Intichat, Bubblews, etc. I just hope my journey here will be successful, just like most of the people around here.

It isn’t easy to navigate the site if you are first timer, I mean most of the site in general. We have to figure out where to go after, what to click in going back to your dashboard and some other stuff a newbie can relate to  my experience. Anyways, it’s a learning process, we have to follow rules and other restrictions in order for our account be active all the time.

I love meeting people especially in social media. I just hope as I learn more and more information in my day to day visit here in Virily, I can gain confidence and achieve my goal to have a long lasting relationship with the site. More power to the staff and the people behind the success of this site. As I go along, hope we meet each others company, if not today maybe in the near future.

God bless and see you around guys!


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  1. Good post, and welcome to Virily! The site is sooo new, they do have some things to work out, but I find it very enjoyable so far. I have been here a few months now, and met some super nice people. The staff is awesome and they really try. I like that. I guess what I do, is go to my notifications first. Then I check out the new posts, then I like to go to the quizzes, and take the new ones, I then go to the different categories that are my favorites and I also of course try to check out my friends posts that are on my list, although the lastest usually catches those. They are getting ready to launch the mobile app and it is taking a lot of their time. Weekends seem to take longer to get posts through moderation. The moderators seem pretty fair, and will delete a post if you find it necessary for any reason, after it has been posted. The badges, will mean something in the future they say. There has been a few really good posts on that subject. Good luck and have fun.

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