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Gift Wrap Joy! (DIY)

Hi, Virilyans! My post is not about how to do a perfect packaging for gifts step by step, it is not a tutorial… It mostly expresses my feelings while I did this (sudden for me) action and tells you how I unexpectedly derived so much joy from this trivial activity…

One day I wanted to show warm affection towards nice women who provided a service to me. It was before Women’s Day. The presents were modest, it was late evening before the celebration, and I was at home. All of a sudden, the Creativity Muse dropped by (she went away quickly too, by the way ;)).

I had wrapping paper, not many sheets, and ribbons. The bright wrapper and remains of ribbon looked optimistic and festive! I just started manipulating… Here you can see the result of my work:

While doing it and a couple hours after that I was very excited like in teenage years. I became so enthusiastic! Such SIMPLE (!) and NATURAL (!) feelings! They are very important in the life of an adult, I am persuaded! I often (maybe subconsciously) search for emotional experience like this. Being a child, it is much easier to become happy about a trifle!

The second “gift wrap joy” appeared several months later when I and my husband were planning to present books (а multi-volume series of history books which sheds light on the complexity of the big historic period of one country) to our good friend. The author does not impose his own mindset to a reader but, in addition to his professional opinion, presents viewpoints of famous, worthy historians. I slightly got out of my topic, haha! 😉

So let me show you my creation. It is not a matter of perfection or competence in packaging, just enthusiasm towards doing something handcrafted.Reading all this, you might think that I am a down-to-earth person, but it is not so: I love to live in the world of music, philosophy, I look at the sky often. My head is in the clouds! I like to dream. But it’s so pleasant to find a different, controversial “me”. In my teenage years I knitted, painted a bit, sewed with great pleasure (and wore the clothes!) but after a break it is even more exciting! And what about you?

  • Do you think gift wrapper is important?
  • Have you ever done gift packaging yourself?


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