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DIY Tie Dyed Shoes

Something I really enjoy doing is this thing called tie dye. You take white shirts (most of the time) and pick the colors you want.  Then you tie off the shirt in whichever pattern you choose with rubber bands. Then you color the fabric. After that, you let it sit for 8 hours at least. Usually 24 to 48 hours is best for the color to soak in more and be stronger.

This time, I chose to tie dye a pair of shoes. I should have left them sit longer before washing them because the colors are more pastel than vibrant. I used light blue, red, purple, pink, and blue.  I think they could have turned out better, but for my first time dying a pair of shoes I like the results.

First I got them damp with warm water and rung them out the best I could. You want them a little wet, but not soaking. Then I added the colors starting in the back. I saw one way of dyeing them where the lady actually painted the dye on with a paintbrush. I think that would work better if you wanted straight lines. The dye goes where it wants when you just pour it out of the bottle.

Like I said, I liked the results but they could be better. I may try again sometime and use the paint method and let them sit for a day or two.

Have you tie dyed shoes before?

I’ve tie dyed many other things other than shoes. If this does well, I may post a gallery of those items (maybe one where other members can post their tie dye projects).


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