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DIY-Awesome Craft Ideas With Drinking Straws

Drinking straws are not only used for drinking. You can use them to make bracelets, earrings, lights as well as versatile decorations for your room. Everything is very easy to make and you can express your creativity in various ways. I love the Jewelry organizer. It’s made from straws and two rulers. It’s perfect for little girls. If you like lights in different colors, just cut the drinking straw and put it on the light bulb. And also the decoration for home plants – it’s an awesome idea. Watch the video and do something new for your home.


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Written by Ivana


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  1. We used to make bracelets and necklaces of drinking straws when I was a little girl. But they didn’t look nearly so good! I love the pencil sharpener idea. Those earrings and bracelets look nice enough that I doubt anyone would know how they were made.

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