Lost wax casting.

The lost wax layer is prepared on the clay-shaped object, from which the positive wax is then obtained (it can also be made from a plaster negative), or simply by modeling the wax positive directly.

Magic and Alchemy

The color of the molten metal, that species Of aurea that was in the Heat, color and noise caused by noise Of the furnace and its vapors. Where there was a dance of characters,Dressed as futuristic beings, who followed The steps of a choreography, marked by The rhythm of the teacher’s instructions Ceremony, during the pouring of the metal Melted out of a crucible, as if from Lava was treated. Endowed with an unusual beauty, caused By which to do the direct, where each Character had his site well defined in This choreography was only given to chance, the Least opportunity to decide if The piece went well or not. Magic and alchemy nourish any Work done by the casting process, In any of its techniques.


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Written by NANO