Beginner Hebrew Book

I teach Hebrew on-line, and I have been testing lots of different sites and books, but this one is a good one for beginning Hebrew students. It uses words and phrases that beginners are likely to already know.

It starts with the alphabet, goes to words and phrases. Then there is a secton about Hebrew in the News and learning how to read with vowels, and then without vowels.

The text is written in Hebrew and most of the time also in transliterated English, and the book comes with a MP3 disc that you can use in your laptop, or if you are stuck in traffic everyday you can listen to it in the car.

If you are a complete beginner then it might take a long time to study the book. If you used to know Hebrew and want to get back into it, then maybe you can study this book a lot faster.

You can learn by yourself, or with a teacher. Try both ways.

I wish you lots of luck with learning Hebrew!


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  1. Hi Rachael, and welcome to Virily. There’s lots of very friendly and supportive people here, so I am sure you will feel comfortable 🙂

    Perhaps I’m just not sufficiently caffeinated, but I can’t see anywhere you mentioned the name of the book you’re describing! For anyone else looking for the info, it’s
    Hebrew For Beginners with CD MP3 by Michael Rose & Yechile Kara
    The “Buy Now” button above will take you to the book’s page on Amazon.

    I presume this is Modern Hebrew?

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