What Will Happen At The Death Of…?

Death of A Person

Somebody once said that death is a bad reaper. It happens to harvest both the ripe and unripe. What do you in your area do when death strikes? I know it matters what actually dies. What dies significally affects what we do.

If it is a person then there is grief and mourning. Burial or cremation may take place depending on what is done in your community. Sometimes suicidal cases like hanging oneself may be treated differently. The corpse may be caned and buried at night. Quite pathetic.

Death of An Animal

If a consumable animal is killed, I mean slaughtered then it might call for celebration. Am sorry about vegetarians here. Roasted ribs, soup and other forms of preparations are done.

Death Of Non-consumable Animals

Sometimes our pets die and we bury them with respect. Other animals may just be left in the bush to rot or buried with no respect at all. Vultures and hyenas are the ones that feed on the carcasses.

Death of Morals

However, what happens when morals and behavior dies? Morals seem to be dying a natural death and nobody seems to care. People walk almost naked as if they admire to go back to the dark ages. The young no more respect the old and likewise there is no respect between people. Communal gatherings are no more and people keep to themselves.

It ails when morals and behavior dies. Words like ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’ and ‘I beg your pardon’ no longer exists. We are rude and full of abuses. Swear words are in plenty.

We no longer value our religious morals. They are dead. We worship anything even the devil in pretence of freedom of worship. What is the world up to?

The world is fully drunk. It is drunken with sex, drugs, alcohol and inhalants. All the good is dead.

We used to slaughter animals once in a season. Nowadays man slaughters other men more than these animals. Our butcheries do not match the slaughter. This is because our morals are dead.

Death of Our Future

If we have detoriarated this much, then we are doomed. The humanity of humans is dead. If we have bend ourselves too low, what will the future be?

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Written by stbrians