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When You Seek Help For The Unknown


There are many of us out here in the world that experience things that cannot be explained, or rather people do not talk about them enough so not to get the old “insane” label, however, this is still happening and we all know there is a reason. Did something happen to someone and they are unsettled and roam the earth, or a certain place?

Maybe its the spirit world and we are what is called mediums? Are they wanting to tell us something?

Many people suffer from insomnia also but what if its something bothering you while you sleep and you do not even know it. Explaining dreams and what the cause is can be frustrating. What are the meanings? Or are we allowing the visits from the dead to come?

Maybe you are like me and feel connections to some place far away from where you are from, but have no idea what keeps pulling you back to that area, Or maybe you visit a place you know good and well you have never been and you have a Deja Vu moment? Like you “been here and already done this” type of experience.

Just Think About It

Has someone died and now you see that “something” out of the corner of your eye?

Did you move to a new place and things move to places you did not put them?

Do you have a feeling that you are being watched?

There Is Help

As time goes by we see more and more on t.v. about people who see ghosts/ spirits and some who can talk to them and move them onto the afterlife.

No, these people are not crazy. No, not everyone can see ghost or spirits.

Nowadays we can hire someone to help us, yes! I said us, and its not taboo anymore to have a discussion about things that just don`t add up to coincidence.

Who Do You Ask?


Since watching one show on t.v. and listening to the medium, I knew that I probably have abilities but I had no idea what to do with them, I just knew that I have them following me, invading my dreams and …. ya know making me feel crazy. This is not something you share with friends in a daily conversation.


Over the years I have wanted to ask many people for help but I just could not afford it. However, I made friends with someone online many years ago and I didn`t know she practices Reiki to help people.

I bit the bullet and asked one day.

The Outcome 

She listened and then connected, told me what was happening. I was amazed at her gift!

A few days passed and I received a crystal in the mail. My home now feels lighter and no more feelings of being watched.

With the help from Mrs. Brenda I no longer see anything in my house.I sleep 100% better and I am no longer cursed with one dream after another all night long, remembering each at waking.

And I even found out about a past life, I would have never thought that my soul was once there And with that authority way back then, 1845!

With all of this being said, Yes I am out of the closet, so to speak.

I recommend Brenda, you may contract her at  she is amazing!

By Andria Perry

photos by pixabay

Disclaimer : In no way do I profit from giving out the email of Mrs. Brenda, I just want people to know there is help and I found someone I know is real through experience.


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Written by Andria Perry

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