What is the Future or what it means to me?

The future to me is gaining experience and paying it forward in what I am doing.  I have done several, well two to three careers. My careers were assistant cooperating teacher for a day care center, a licensed practical nurse as well as an Activities assistant.  All of these jobs for me it seemed to happen are and were connected somehow.

I know that I worked with two different generations from the pediatrics to the geriatrics, and the two can get along to a point for I have seen it happen during a inter-generational activity group where the kids and adults worked on the same activity from making a craft to singing a song or two.  This was one way I saw the future. The children having their whole lives to start and the older adults sharing some memories and good times with us ‘middle adults’ and the children sharing their ideas for the future and if the ‘older adults’ could give them some ideas or stories that could help each other them learn from each other.  That is one way the future is proclaimed.

The future could also mean living for tomorrow, but not forgetting today and the experiences that may and could happen to all of us.


What do you think?

Written by 1Mark