The Song of an Oriole: The Illusive Path

Sometimes we have to wait for a magical moment where we find our path. It is a daunting task to simply wait and continue to believe despite all aspects of doubt and impatience.

I consider it a period spent searching in a forest. Realization of the lack of control and the fact that the timing isn’t necessarily your own is what faith is all about.

I have been taunted by the call of an oriole in the last few weeks. It is one of my favorite birds, a beautiful rich song and a vibrant orange like a sunset. I hear the song every day, I put out oranges and jelly to attract it to my feeder and yet all I hear is the song.

I equate the illusive oriole that hides high in the canopy almost like my path. You can imagine what it looks like, you can hope to see it soon but for now all you can do is one of two things: grow aggravated and discouraged searching for the illusive oriole or simply enjoy the melodic song.

I choose to listen and enjoy the song. God speaks in moments like these. Natures gives up parables to those who seek lessons. Today it’s the illusive oriole, tomorrow it’s my path. Either way I will enjoy the moment and be faithful in the plan even if Its unknown at the moment.

The bird pictured is not an oriole….I never have seen him as of yet…photo to come.


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Written by stevelinebaugh

Oil painter and pastel artist, writer, photographer, graphic designer,
originally from New Jersey

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