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The Miracle of Nature in Serbia

Oak in the village of Divljana near Bela Palanka (eastern Serbia), which, according to the Tourist Organization of that municipality, is more than a thousand years old, is still resisting the time, although though only his bark remained. It was planted by a citizen of the Macedonian emperor Samuel, who lived from 958 to 1014.


The oak is three meters long. On the floor of the church. From the top of the tree is a healthy tree, but it’s interesting that the bottom is actually enough hollow so that the table and two chairs can stand there. Due to the fascinating cavity, the tree at the bottom looks like a cave. Five people can enter the hole in the oak at the same time, and all of them will see the truncated trunk and part of the sky above themselves. This oak is the oldest living being in the Balkans.


The oaks in this part of Serbia are big shrines, because of which people living in their surroundings do not dare branch to break because of the fear of the curse. Immediately opposite the oak, which due to its appearance, many rightly call it miraculous, there is another, somewhat smaller and younger oak. This tree is about 350 years old and 1.2 meters in diameter.


The oak of this species can live for two thousand years, so it remains hoped that this tree will be an attraction for future generations.

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    • This oak is about a thousand years it’s called the “miracle of nature” and is protected by law.Old Slavs considered the oak as a holy they never cut them.That’s why several of these oaks survived several hundred years, even more.

    • In ancient Slavs, oak was the sacred tree of the god of thunder Perun.Such trees were not to be cut.Often, in addition to churches and monasteries, old oak trees can be found, remaining from pagan times.

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