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Monument to Mihajlo Obrenovic in Belgrade.

Robin Biznis November 23.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

In a past article, I promised tIn a past article, I promised to write about a monument in Belgrade’s monument built-in honor of Serbian Prince Mihajlo  Obrenovic.

Here’s my promise.

The story tells the following:

Belgrade at that time was the small town that was the center of this meat. Across the road, the National Theater was already built thanks to Prince Mihajlo  Obrenovic.

That is why the place was select where the monument to the Prince monument .

Just to mention that Prince Mihajlo Obrenovic loved and supported science, enlightened culture. He made money for Serbia’s progress in this field.

He built the National Theater, helps Vuk Karadzic and other Serbian writers and actors.

Its monument by Italian and sculptor Enriko Paci and building 1882.

The Prince is pointing his hand to the more liberated regions of the Turks. However, as a skilled diplomat, he managed to free most cities from Turkish rule.

He reigned in Serbia for two terms.

Prince Mihajlo Obrenovic lost his life after his June 10 1868 in Belgrade in  assassination.

The citizens reproached the Italian sculptor for displaying the Prince on the monument without a hat.

Stories were circulating that the unfortunate sculptor had killed himself as a result.

However, these were just rumors.

Another bizarre thing is that Belgraders say “We’ll meet you by the horse” for the meeting place.

Of course that  Horse a noble animal,  but? 

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    • Well, I barely survived that disaster.
      They brought ours back to a bleak reality.
      Our football is on the low branches.
      Partizan were 2-0 against AZ Alkmaar and 2-2 at the start.
      Nor will we pass Norway into the barrage.
      What to look for at the European Championships, to mess with.
      We have Djokovic and Ivana Spanovic, enough for a small country.
      And some good basketball players but they’re in the NBA.

      • Red Star can still win their next Champions League match to go to the Europa League Round of 32, so that will still be good for them. Partizan needed to win, but they will not make the Round of 32. Djoko is still one of the best. Jokic is real good in basketball, but they have some work to do so that they can qualify for the Summer Olympics next year.

    • Thank youvery much Anastasia.
      I might also write about his older brother Milan, who was King before him. as well as about their father, the founder of the Obrenovic dynasty, Milos Obrenovic.
      It depends on your free time.

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