Making People Think You Are Psychic – Part 9

You have to learn to listen ‘between’ the words. This is how the words are said, the posture adopted when the words are spoken, the tone of voice, the pauses.

It takes a little practice, as people don’t listen to each other in normal situations. If you start to really listen, don’t think of what you are going to say, don’t think of anything, just listen, you will hear so much.

Just blank your mind, and listen.

When you listen, people will talk. The more you listen, the more they will talk. When you really listen you can ask intelligent questions. Not to posture and preen and prove how smart you are but to truly get what the other person is saying.

Listen to how they emphasize a word, how they pause.

For example; here is a sentence. “Michael called me last night. We spoke for about two minutes.”

Say it straight…

now…say it again.

This time, take a breath, say, “Michael”… pause for two beats, then continue, emphasizing ‘me’, continue and shrug when you say ‘two minutes’.

Hear the difference?

It would be clear that ‘Michael’ means something to the speaker, and tossing off the two minutes infers a kind of insult.

Once you become conscious of this; when you truly listen, people will think you are psychic, because you ‘heard’ what they didn’t ‘say’.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


    • It is very helpful for you’ll find that people really don’t listen. You are talking and they are thinking of their answer or of what they are going to make for dinner.