How To Make People Think You Are Psychic – Part 10

Listening is a skill few people develop. Most people hear you speak and if they are giving you half an ear, they are more concerned about what they will say than what you are saying. They miss the ‘key’ words, the inflection, the body language.

Another vital skill is doing a bit of ‘analysis’.

If you are living in the moment, if you are observing and matching or finding the discordance in what is said and what is done, you seem to have a special ‘power’.

For example, you’ll be able to warn Mitzy that the man she’s seeing is married.


He calls at the ‘last minute’  for a date. He takes her to out of the way places. He meets her at a bus stop or a venue; never her door.

Instead of setting a date on Monday for 7 pm on Friday he calls her on Friday just before 7 to say he’ll be there in thirty minutes. Mitzy had no idea at 6 pm on Friday that she was going out.

It is clear that Mitzy is a ‘side piece’;  someone to fill in when he has the time. Someone whom receives little respect.

Think of every aspect. Mitzy has no idea if he will call or when. She is expected to be available when he requires.

In real life a man who has respect and affection for a woman would not behave this way.

When you tell Mitzy;  “Your boy friend is married,”  you aren’t guessing.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar