Jamaican Sayings – 7

See  and Blind, Hear and Deaf

This is one of those specifically Jamaican mind sets.   It isn’t like, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you..”  which submits ignorance of a situation as protection.   This is a statement where people know exactly what is happening, but pretend they don’t,  deliberately behaving as if they are unaware.

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In politics, for example, a member of a Party might come into special information and then go on as if s/he doesn’t know what is being done, or who said what, or who is going to be appointed or dismissed.   In many cases one can not be sure if this person knew or didn’t as there is no proof.

In the office, one pretends they don’t know who is going to get fired, or what tricks are being played.  It isn’t often an ‘agreed’ stance, it is that someone who knows something, but it is not in their interest to know, remains silent.


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Written by jaylar