Jamaican Sayings – 10

Duppy know who fi frighten

This is a saying which goes both ways. On one hand it specifies that bullies know who to pick on, and in another, it is kind of stand off.

In the first, people only pick on those they feel they can conquer. When you see someone trying to push around another, especially when the size or power is unequal, it is said as a kind of condemnation.

In the other, when someone makes a threat to one who is more powerful it is said in a kind of sneer.

This saying is used by bystanders in most cases, not the subjects.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


    • Depends… sometimes a person says it with a sneer, like… ‘Who is afraid of you?” sometimes people will mention that someone who bullies others doesn’t try to bully this person…because this person is more powerful.