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Don`t Call Me Baby

Oh My God! that is so annoying. Every response has a baby added to it, like “yeah baby” or “how are you baby?” A huge turn off for sure.

“Hey girlie girl, what are you into now?” Said God ” I heard you call me.”

Its this phone call/text guy, named Brian. You know the one that I know but don`t know. I tried calling but he didnt answer and insisted on texting. I have asked for a voice to voice phone call more than once, what I am thinking is that he knows I will know who he is by his voice.

He is asking a lot about money, how much I make, what bank I use, that sort of thing that you know you don`t talk to people about, especially someone you don`t know at all.

But wait… he said the same lines as the scammers… its fate that we met and we are to be together the rest of out lives. Oh and “lets use hangouts chat.”  Ahhh, no lets not.

This is not going to work out, at all, friends is one thing but don`t call me baby!

” Have you told him that is annoying? And did you tell him about Peter? ” God answered.

No, I am sure it won`t matter to him that being called baby by a stranger, is… annoying. Yes, I told him about Peter, he laughed, did the lol I should say. You know I find no reason to lie, especially to the scammers.

“Hello” said Peter


“How are you today?” asked Peter

“Well…. Everyday a scammer is after me, what the hell?”

“I told you to get off those sites, stop talking to them and they will go away.” replied Peter.

I`ll be damned of I give up what I like, Instagram, because of the scammers.”

“Well, block them when they want to talk about a relationship.” A solution Peter came to.

“That is what I am doing”

” Take my hand My love, stay with me this evening” Peter said with a hand reaching for mine.

By Andria Perry

Art By Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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