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Continuing my introduction to my youngest sister and her talent

Yesterday I posted an article on my youngest sister (54 years old compared to my 64) showing off her watercolouring talent… Today I want to show you one last painting she did during her trek in France plus some pictures that she sent me from France. So all the pictures below are from my sister to my cellphone… 

The first one is a the last picture painting that my sister sent me. I personally think that it is quite the painting. What do you think?

Now we are off to France following my trekking sister:

Apparently my sister’s trek started in Toulouse along the “Canal du Midi de Toulouse” which boast some 240 km (about 150 miles) of walking along a canal either by walking or boat…. Now I am not sure that trees line the whole way but it sure looks very nice and shady especially during this heat wave that Europe and France have experienced.

This following picture is one of the bridges along this walkway or boat ride…

And now here comes some photos of the city of Carcassonne, France again…

I just love the following pictures again from Carcassonne I think… Isn’t the following picture impressive…?

Now below is my sister posing in front of what looks ike almost a fortress in Carcassonne… 

Here is an upstairs view of a part of the city of Carcassonne.

And that is is, that is all folks. Hope you enjoyed your trip and I hope I will get more pictures as my sister is continuing on her trip right up to Normandy…


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    • Nope I never used watercolor. I used to paint with oil based paint but no more. I also used to draw but mostly portrait but again no more… I will make sure to let my sister know your lovely comment… Thank you very much…


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