Blog: A hate crime can be conducted by anyone

I do not think that certain individuals on social media realize how ignorant they sound when they respond to certain posts. I say this because this past week I responded to a tweeted article by ‘The Hill’ of a woman that attacked a 92- year old man with a brick, and telling him to go back to your country. Many individuals were angry that the article did not address what skin color she was, but looking at the name it was clear that she was not any other ethnicity but African American. In-particularly, there was an individual that broke his neck to inform me as well as other African Americans that the woman who attacked the 92-year old man with a brick was black! He responded so ignorantly, tweeting me that “It was a member of your tribe. Actually read that article, the perpetrator is a black woman named Laquisha Jones.”

Part of me wanted to let this individual have it in a nasty way, but I allowed myself to clear my mind instead of responding in a much more negatively way than I responded after clearing my head.


Unfortunately, African American hate crimes are rare, directed towards an Hispanic, Caucasian or any other ethnicity, but that does not mean they should be looked at differently. It does not matter what skin color you are, a hate crime is a hate crime simple as that. A hate crime can be conducted by anyone, no matter what skin color.

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Written by Thomas Gouard

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    • I’m happy that I told myself to cool off then reply. My response wouldn’t have been very positive ; ) because I take things like this to heart. It is hard not to share these stories about certain individuals that we possibly encounter in our daily lives.

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