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Beethoven won the Mozart

Robin Biznis June 2 2019 Belgrade, Serbia

The Classic FM Hall of Fame this year made a survey in which he investigated when the composer would get more votes.Beethoven or Mozart.

Over 11,000 votes of classical music lovers arrived.The listeners had 300 classic masterpieces and evaluated three compositions ie the author of these compositions.

Beethoven had 4 compositions in the first 20 and left behind Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bach and other composers.Excellent Overture before the celebration of 250 years since he was born.

Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer and pianist, born on  December 1770, Bonn, Germany.

His most popular compositions are to recall:Symphony No. 9 Symphony No. 5 Symphony,  Piano Sonata No. 14

source cover photo:Image by Richard Mcall from Pixabay bethoven


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  1. I suspect you can take that survey anywhere in the world, and get a different answer. But you won’t change who the great composers are, just which one was the top!

    As always, thanks for helping me learn something today!

    • Of course, the results would probably be scored in another survey.
      These are the results of this survey.
      It’s hard to compare these giants of music precisely because of the different taste of the listeners.

      • I agree I know for example that I listen to them at very different times of the day. Mozart is more of an evening choice for me. Beethoven more of a morning choice.
        It is a cool survey, thanks for sharing!!!!

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