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Bad Parenting

When children grow up to possess particularly unpleasant traits,  it is clear that not merely did their parents fail, but imbued their offspring with a twisted sense of himself, which, in adulthood, makes him the laughing stock.

Donald Trump is the best example of bad parenting.

Toilet Training

Obviously Donald was not toilet trained until he was attending Kindergarten.  This is why he has no control over himself.   He says whatever comes to mouth, behaves as if he is the only one who counts.   When a parent delays toilet training the child does not learn self control.

Toilet training a child early gives them the ability to control themselves;  what they say, how they act, to be aware of their environment.   The earlier it is begun, the greater the ability of the child to control himself.


Many parents do not discipline their children because they don’t care.  They are busy with their lives, and if they have money and servants, can keep the child quiet by giving him what he wants.   Good Parents discipline their children so that they don’t believe they are the only one in the world who matters.

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If properly raised, the child learns what is considered proper behaviour and what is not.   The parents do not countenance whatever the child does.   Donald’s parents couldn’t care less for he was not their problem. He was raised by servants.   Born into a wealthy family he developed the belief in his own superiority which was never countered.

Facing Reality

Good parents expose children to reality as early as practicable.   They teach them values.   They make them aware that there are other people in the world with different ideas.  They teach them how to be a friend to others and to share.   Negligent parents are not concerned about the child’s world view, so he grows in the ‘me first’  world which as long as they can pay for it, persists into adulthood.

Money is not Everything

Good Parents do not make wealth the only measure of success and value.  They teach their children to be kind, to be polite, to think of other people’s feelings, and not to judge themselves by what they have but who they are.

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Trump is the example of the rich spoiled brat who treats others as dirt because he has money.  He buys his friends, his wives,  and thinks that because of his bank balance he is superior.   This belief is often expressed in grandiose speech and actions as if he owns the world and everyone in it.

Respect for Others

Donald has no respect for others.  He has sexually harassed and assaulted women,  he has insulted people in the foulest possible way, and thinks himself immune from criticism.

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This is based very much on bad parenting.   The lack of self control, the belief in his superiority, his psychopathic view of himself as the most superior being on the planet.

As children of ‘old money’ he was grown with a sense of himself as superior to others.   This makes him quite universally despised and ridiculed, which he is unable to recognize.


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Written by jaylar


  1. Well written, and good analysis. How much of the details of Trump’s childhood are fact I don’t know, but they certainly ring true. And the real pity is that, unfair as it may be, Trump’s behaviour reflects on all Americans.

    • It has always been evident that children who are not toilet trained early have problems with self control. Those whose parents ignore them often act out, looking for attention.

      The fact that he doesn’t think before he speaks, that he has the twisted ego to think that people will believe whatever he says over others, his insane reaction to criticism all indicate bad parenting.

      It does reflect on all Americans and on the nation as a whole. Right now China is replacing America in Trade. People prefer NOT to deal with America.