Idiocracy – Continuous

Children are no longer allowed freedom, no longer permitted to make their own decisions, to activate their judgment.   Children are never to be unsupervised.    They are to be born into and live in a mind prison where decisions are made for them.

This will insure that they grow to be sheep.

Unlike those born in previous generations who played outside, unsupervised and made their own mistakes, and learned penalties and rewards, those born in the past generation are accustomed to have someone else think for them.

At the  very basic level, when a baby of a few months old begins the process  of toilet training,  the sense of ‘control’ is born.  The infant  gains this ‘power’ over themselves which manifests in all facets of life.

The significance of toilet training can not be over emphasized.   It is not merely aesthetic.   It imbues the infant’s mind with the sense of power that they can control  themselves.   When the child appreciates that control, the sense of themselves is enhanced.

To keep children helpless and weak, toilet training is forgotten. The child does not learn that s/he can control themselves.  The child is taught to depend on their care givers to clean them.   To prevent the infant from gaining his ability is how to raise a sheep, a weak follower, who thinks him/herself powerless and often responds with the demand for attention.

Wearing diapers to kindergarten, once impossible, is almost standard.  This policy of keeping children helpless pays off by creating a mentally weak population.  A  population which looks to others for their ideas, opinions, and sense of safety.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar