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yellow color crazy – challenge

…and I have finally caught up to the crazy color challenge. some of you might remember an earlier version of this young lady where I mentioned she was fixing something. now you know that my word is good. not only is she fixing a thing, she is fixing a yellow thing!

#1 engine detail

Here's your problem- the quantum manifold is completely out of alignment! So we gotta drop the spin back down to neg three, and that's gonna cost ya...

#2 engine rough

Hey, if you know somebody who can realize your eigenstate for less then go right ahead. But when you end up in some potential reality, don't think that I can collapse it for you, because we don't do that here...

#3 early lighting

I can give you a deal on the boson accelerator but I gotta order the flux capacitor from the manufacturer so the whole thing is gonna run ya somewhere around eleventy billion yen. Don't look at me like that, I warned you that your core was spitting out way too much helium five months back and you didn't want to do anything about it then. What'd you think was gonna happen?

#4 bill shadow

Lookie here, you've got your charm and your strange in completely different wavelengths; now I can harmonize them for you but it won't be cheap...

#5 work in progress

I can't change the laws of physics! Indeterminacy is indeterminacy... Once your superposition drifts, nobody knows your trajectory anymore. Until we phase shift your drive, you can't fly this thing anywhere


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