What was it?

On Monday I posted a quiz seen here.

The object of the quiz was to guess what the cropped images were.

Here are the cropped ones and the originals after.

ATTENTION: WARNING: Contains graphic material.

Do not look at this if you don’t want to see a sad photograph. 

Number one was a seal’s whiskers.

And the original. This is a wild seal pup at the beach in La Jolla California.

Number 2 was a fishes fin. I changed the color, and turned the photo upside down.

This is the original, some fish in a clear pond by my house.

Number 3 was a spider. I cropped it so just the head and front feet were visible, giving the impression it could be a beetle or bird.

The original was taken out my back door, the web was invisible.

Number 4 was a seagulls eye. I cropped and took out all color.

The original was a whole bird at the beach.

Number 5 was a fishes eye. Just cropped.

The original is above the same photograph I used for number 2.

Number 6 was a lizard. All I did was crop it.

The original is of my son holding it.

Number 7 was a frog on a rock. I cut his head off,,,sorry.

The original had a head! 

Number 8 was my fish cropped.

The original.

Number 9 was a seal. I turned this one and cropped it.

The original was named, “Tears of a Seal”.

He hasdbeen shot, I did call Sea World and they came and rescued him. He lived and was released.

Number 10 was the last one and it was a Sea Anemone.

The original was this, taken at a tide pool.

I hope you enjoyed the quiz and the originals. Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great day all!


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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