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What color/pattern am I?

Yes, this picture is in full color. This Yorkie Mix came in with a coat that needed a bit of help. The owner had a buzz cut, he says, “See my hair?” I said yup. He said make my dog this length, I said no problem, he will be happy with all the hot weather in the forecast.

He was the cutest little dog, with beautiful silver locks. 

The thing is, is he is not silver in color at all. He has a unique coat pattern for a yorkie mix, they sometimes call them party yorkies. 

What colors do you think his main body is? What patten does he have? Is he ticked? Meaning tiny spots, like a Blue Tick Hound. Does he have bigger spots like a dalmation? Perhaps giant spots like a Springer Spaniel? Maybe he is striped like a Bull dog? Or splotched like an Australian Shepherd? 

Write in the comments what colors do you think he has? And what pattern do you think he has. I got the clippers out, and shaved a stripe down his back and said, OH MY GOODNESS, would you look at that coat! I was very surprised. 

I will post his after groom picture tomorrow. 


What do you think?

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    • I would love to have his coat grow out to the long version of yorkie, but I don’t think the pet parents are up to brushing every day. They loved his new look, whew. Good thing, because he sure did look different.

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