The Bangs Hair With Glasses – The Virily Guessing Game 2 Poem Challenge

LaJenna has started a new challenge. I think it’s very fun, then I dedicate this guessing game poem’s to that challenge. If you are interested, read the rules here.

Have fun and guess.

∞ Haiku

Personal homely

simple and heartfelt is her

call her a best friend.

∞ Regular Poem

Abundance of love

from there she came and became

with it she works here

devote attention

without calculation

just give

without the wish of change

show compassion

with efficacious words

with her glasses

she is present as she is

her wine cup

is being poured again now

beside for Eclipse

but mostly for her friends.

This person is a good friend, affectionate and caring. She is sincere and often makes works to appreciate her friends.

What do you think?

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  1. Can’t be me I hope I am not homely looking but the poems are wonderful indeed. I do not think you meant ugly but where I am from if you say homely that would mean not good looking. You only compliment so it must mean just a home-town girl right. If it is me I thank you, because it is straight from the heart dear friend.

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