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The Virily Guessing Game 2 Poem Challenge

I decided to start a challenge that is easy and fun. Write a Haiku poem-you know the  5-7-5 rule. Make it about one of your Virily friends. Then, to make it more challenging, write a regular poem after it.  Make it a guessing game of a poem. Use the tag #The_Virily_Guessing_Game_Poem_Challenge. Write one a day for a week, or just as many as you would like. Have fun!

My Haiku Poem-Now guess who it is all about.

He is kind and true

to every person he meets

He is a wise man

Now for a regular poem

What a man is to his soul

Is how this man treats

his fellow man

He wines and dines

All the ins and outs of us all

from this world

And puts it into

One big vase

Called love

then pours it out

back onto


to only find more



The soul as I am referencing it to is all about this persons inner definition of self in the first line. He defines life in many ways. He is a man of many talent. He is an artistic wise man who learns from others as well as teaches from how he looks at life. He is a friend to all that know him.


This man needs no introduction really. People here tend to ask him many things. That is because he has studied just about every subject in great detail. He knows the study of the mind quite well. He can even figure out the meaning behind art-work. Hmmmm I wonder who this could be.

If you do not like to write Haiku poetry, then write a regular poem about the individual of choice.

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  1. It must be Albert. Even though I am a great fan of Japanese culture, I am not one for haiku. Although I once wrote a haiku bug report. Yeah, mostly I am known for my haiku insults and that’s the opposite of this challenge…

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