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Templeton Feed and Grain Silhouette: Just for Fun

The Templeton feed and grain store in Templeton, California is the most prominent building on Main Street. Templeton is an agricultural small town. This building dominates it. Normally I photograph this building from Main Street in the business area. I usually take the photos in the daylight. But on this day, I crossed the river and took a back road that paralleled Main Street so that I could look across the river. After taking several other photos, I started back to the road with the bridge and the sun was almost down. I had to stop and take the photo when I saw the silhouette in the sunset. If you like this photo, it’s available as a canvas print on Zazzle. You can use the link at the bottom to find it, as well as products with the feed store in the daylight. One version of that is below.

This is what Templeton Feed and Grain looks like in the daytime on Templeton’s Main Street. You can see what a small town this is, for this is the center of town, Main Street. The business area is only a few blocks and one can easily walk it in about ten minutes one way.

Is there a building or other structure that dominates your town or city?

This is part of Kim’s Just for Fun Challenge. Click this link if  you’d would like to join Kim’s Just for Fun Challenge on Shadows and Silhouettes.


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