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tasartcraft Tea Talk: Afraid

tasartcraft started a challenge about sharing feeling over coffee, and that counts for tea as well.

I have been helping someone with mental challenges for a long long time, but now a major change has happened. I talked to this person on the phone earlier, and he was pleading with me. I told him certain things were out of my hands, but certain things I could still help him with. He said ok to how I felt, but I feel he is like a ticking time bomb. My family could be forever hurt if he does not cope with some important changes.

I would like to ask for advice but since you do not know everything you can’t give advice. I am too scared to talk about it just yet. Things ended alright after I hung up, but when he understands the truth how will he act is my concern.

Thank you all for just listening.


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  1. It will require continuous helping but also giving him some time to think it over. Our current world is in a verge of mental breakdown and the consequences because of the nature of our world today.

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