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“But You Said….”- Animal Challenge “If They Could….” Day#4

Greetings, my fellow Earthlings! It’s the day 4 of the Animal Challenge “If they could…” and it’s not late to join. All you need to know is hidden under the purple letters, above, so click there and truth shall be revealed. 😀


Let me introduce Strahinja. Do not try to pronounce his name. Instead, ask politely Mr. Google Translate to do it for you. Trust me, it’s much better that way. 😀

Strahinja is one curious and disobedient boy, but so cute and charming that everything is allowed to him. If it’s not, he does it anyway…. This time, he tried to eat my paper tree, I was making for an exhibition. When I yelled at him (for the fifteenth time), he answered me, with the innocent face: “But you said I should eat more fibers…” How to argue with that smarty pants? 😀


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