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“Staring Contest…..”- Animal Challenge “If They Could…” Day#8

Going on with our Animal Challenge “If They Could….”. For me, it’s day 8th, but for you, it could be the day 1st and counting….. All you need to know is hidden behind the magical purple letters. Just click on them to reveal the secret about participation in this Animal Challenge. ? It’s fun, it’s cute and it’s ongoing.


Strahinja is one cute, but serious cat. And he is convinced that he is scary, too. Always looks like he is angry, or at least irritated. His favorite hobby is to stare at people until they turn their heads, which means he won. While he chases me around the house to pull me into his obsession, I can easily read his mind saying: “Staring contest, human! Look into my eyes. Deeper, deeper…..” 😀


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